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Enhancement Requests and Bugs for Oracle eBusiness Suite

From time to time I create enhancement requests or bugs, commonly on Oracle eBusiness Suite. Additionally I come across enhancement requests that I think deserve more visibility. This page is dedicated to that cause. If you have an Oracle Enhancement Request (ER) or Bug you would like to raise the visibility on, please feel free to comment or contact me.
If you like the looks of one of the Enhancement Requests noted below, log a Service Request (SR) on My Oracle Support (MOS) and ask for your MOS Customer record to be attached to the ER / Bug.

Created Logged By Bug / ER Status Product Description
2015/02/22 See ER 9130428 Open AR Need a Standard Way to Export the Aging 7 Buckets By Account Report Output to Excel
2013/10/07 See ER 17069048 Open BIP Enable use of recursive with clause
2013/06/05 See ER 12872320 Open BIP Request to add autofilter functionality to native Excel template (binary)
2012/01/22 Gareth 13616572 Open BIP BI Publisher RTF unable to show a fixed number of lines for a word wrapped cell
2011/05/13 See ER 12423249 Open BIP Adding support of SMTP username/password to "XAPI:EMAIL" bursting for E-Business Suite (EBS) 12.1.X
2010/11/09 See ER 8208646 Open AP/IBY R12 Unable to send Separate Remittance Advice as email attachment in PDF
2010/08/11 Gareth 10019593 Rejected AP/IBY ARXRWMAI - In Receipts Summary form, cannot query by payment server id - PSON (Payment Server Order Number)
2010/07/14 See ER 9908713 Open BIP Need the DeliveryManager API to have a trackback variable for bounced emails
2010/07/18 See ER 9918364 Open BIP Need email body to be set to UTF-8 charset when using East Asian language emails
2010/07/08 Gareth 9891120 Open eAM Need hook to extend EAM Maintenance Work Order Detail Report
2010/06/19 Gareth 9834226 Open AP Need to embed email images Payables/Payments "Send Separate Remittance Advices"
2009/01/07 See ER 7694052 Open AP Does the Supplier Open Interface API Support Updates to Supplier Information?
2005/03/25 See ER 4262148 Open AP Need Public API to manage custom AP Invoice Holds
PS. If you would like to monitor Enhancement Requests, and be notified by Oracle of status updates, create a Favorite in My Oracle Support and ensure Hot Topics (Favorites) emails are on as follows.

Create a Favorite:

  1. Login to My Oracle Support
  2. Search on the ER / Bug number in the Search box e.g. 4262148
  3. Click on the orange star next to the Title in the list view, or click on the article and click on the orange star. You should see "Favorite added" status message.

Switch on Hot Topics Emails:

  1. Go to the Settings tab
  2. Click on Hot-Topics Email under Personal on the left side menu list.
  3. Switch On the Hot Topics email, every 1 days (or suitable), and ensure you have checked "Product Bugs Marked as Favorites"
  4. Save
To see your Favorites, click on the Knowledge tab, then click Favorite Articles in the Recent Activity tab.

Table of Enhancement Request Statuses

Status CodeDefinition
11 Code/Hardware Bug (Response/Resolution)
12 To External (User Group) Review
15 Enhancement Req. Internal(Oracle) Review
19 Approved for User Group Voting
20 To Requestor, Need More Info
22 Approved for Future Release
23 Scheduled for Future Release
50 ER Waiting for Base ER Fix
82 QA/PM to Eval ER, Chg Delivered Internal
97 Closed, Enhancement Rejected
98 Closed, Enhancement Implemented

Catch ya!
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Mrs P said...

hi gareth, how are you?

i have an issue with xml publisher and Oracle wasn't able to help me out on this one. sorry for commenting in your latest post - i don't know where to post my question actually.

my question is...isn't it when we are attaching or inserting an image, we just provide the full path of that image? have you thought of doing that with a document? I want to insert different documents (order attachments actually) and simply display them in my running output based from an rtf.

my workaround at the moment is to create a subtemplate and define each and every document. so i am hoping maybe you can think of a better way of doing it.

thanks gareth!