Thursday, December 13, 2007

Null XML elements and no NVL function BI Publisher RTF? Try xdofx decode

Where did that nvl() function go when creating BI Publisher Templates?

Lets say you've got this data:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

And in your template you put:

Sum: <?G1+G2+G3+G4?>

Uh-oh, you get the lovely number NaN or a nice long java error including:

Caused by: oracle.xdo.parser.v2.XPathException: Cannot convert  to number.

What to do? Well, you could rightly put nvl(G1,0) functions around whatever SQL query is generating your XML data, but if not then where's the nvl in BI Publisher lingo? Oh here it is:

Sum: <?xdofx:decode(G1,'',0,G1) + decode(G2,'',0,G2) + decode(G3,'',0,G3) + decode(G4,'',0,G4)?>

Well, not that lovely after all, but if it works ...

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Oracle eBusiness Suite Product and Acronym Listing

Couldn't find anything like this anywhere, so here we go!

Oracle eBusiness Suite / Applications Products with Acronyms and comparison of Release 11i and Release 12.

Acronym Product Release Notes
ABM Activity Based Management R11i, R12 Obsolete R12
AD Applications DBA R11i, R12
ADS Applications Demonstration Services R11i, R12
ADS_DEV ADS Development R11i, R12
ADX Rapid Install n/a Psuedo Product
AGIS Advanced Global Intercompany System R12 Sub-product of FUN
AHL Complex Maintenance Repair and Overhaul R11i, R12
AHM Hosting Manager R11i, R12 Obsolete R12
AK Common Modules-AK R11i, R12
ALR Alert R11i, R12
AME Approvals Management R11i, R12
AMF Fulfillment Services R11i, R12 Obsolete R12
AML Leads Management n/a Psuedo Product
AMS Marketing R11i, R12
AMV Marketing Encyclopedia System R11i, R12
AMW Internal Controls Manager R11i, R12
AN Sales Analysis R11i, R12
APPLCSF Applications Common Support/Script Files R11i, R12 Acronym - not product or psuedo product.
AR Receivables R11i, R12
AS Sales Foundation R11i, R12
ASF Sales Online R11i, R12
ASG CRM Gateway for Mobile Devices R11i, R12
ASL Sales Offline R11i, R12
ASN Sales R11i, R12
ASO Order Capture R11i, R12
ASP Oracle Sales for Handhelds R11i, R12 Renamed from Field Sales/Palm Devices
AST TeleSales R11i, R12
ATG Applications Technology n/a Psuedo Product
AU Application Utilities R11i, R12
AX Global Accounting Engine R11i, R12 Obsolete R12
AZ Application Implementation R11i, R12
BEN Advanced Benefits R11i, R12
BIC Customer Intelligence R11i, R12 Obsolete R12
BIE eCommerce Intelligence R11i, R12
BIL Sales Intelligence R11i, R12
BIM Marketing Intelligence R11i, R12
BIN Communications Intelligence R11i, R12
BIS Applications BIS R11i, R12 AKA Business Intelligence
BIV Service Intelligence R11i, R12
BIX Interaction Center Intelligence R11i, R12
BIY Systems Intelligence R11i, R12
BLC Utility Billing R11i, R12
BNE Web Applications Desktop Integrator R11i, R12
BOM Bills of Material R11i, R12
BPA Bill Presentment Architecture n/a Psuedo Product
BSC Balanced Scorecard R11i, R12
CAC Common Application Calendar n/a Psuedo Product
CC Interaction Center n/a Psuedo Product
CCT Telephony Manager R11i, R12
CDR Oracle Clinical Data Repository R12 AKA Life Sciences Data Hub
CE Cash Management R11i, R12
CHV Supplier Scheduling R11i, R12
CLA APAC Consulting Localizations R12
CLE EMEA Consulting Localizations R12
CLJ Japan Consulting Localizations R12
CLL LAD Consulting Localizations R12
CLN Supply Chain Trading Connector for RosettaNet R11i, R12
CLR Culinary Application R11i, R12
CN Incentive Compensation R11i, R12
COM Communications n/a Psuedo Product
CRP Capacity R11i, R12
CS Service R11i, R12
CSC Customer Care R11i, R12
CSD Depot Repair R11i, R12
CSE Asset Tracking R11i, R12 Renamed from Enterprise Install Base
CSF Field Service R11i, R12
CSI Install Base R11i, R12
CSK Knowledge Base n/a Psuedo Product
CSL Field Service/Laptop R11i, R12
CSM Field Service/Palm R11i, R12
CSN Call Center R12
CSP Spares Management R11i, R12
CSR Scheduler R11i, R12
CSS Support R11i, R12 Obsolete R12
CST Cost Management R11i, R12
CSZ Customer Support n/a Psuedo Product
CTB Clinical Transaction Base R11i, R12
CUA Capital Resource Logistics - Assets R11i, R12
CUC Revenue Accounting R11i, R12
CUE Billing Connect R11i, R12 Obsolete R12
CUF Capital Resource Logistics - Financials R11i, R12
CUG Citizen Interaction Center R11i, R12
CUI Network Logistics - Inventory R11i, R12
CUN Network Logistics - NATS R11i, R12 Obsolete R12
CUP Network Logistics - Purchasing R11i, R12
CUR Mass Market Receivables for Comms R11i, R12
CUS Network Logistics R11i, R12
CUSTOM Custom Development R11i, R12
CZ Configurator R11i, R12
DDD CADView-3D R11i, R12
DDR Demand Signal Repository R12.1
DEM Demo Order Entry (AOL Class) R11i, R12
DEM01 Team 01 Order Entry Demo R12
DMF Discrete Manufacturing n/a Psuedo Product
DNA Development R11i, R12
DOM Document Managment and Collaboration R11i, R12
DPP Price Protection n/a Psuedo Product
DT DateTrack R11i, R12
DUMMY_GMO Obsolete Process Operations R12
EAA SEM Exchange R11i, R12 Obsolete R12
EAM Enterprise Asset Management R11i, R12
EC e-Commerce Gateway R11i, R12
ECX XML Gateway R11i, R12
EDR E-Records R11i, R12
EDW Enterprise Data Warehouse n/a Psuedo Product
EGO Advanced Product Catalog R11i, R12
EMS Environment Management System R11i, R12
ENG Engineering R11i, R12
ENI Product Development Intelligence R11i, R12
EVM Value Based Management R11i, R12
EWS Enterprise Warehouse Source n/a Psuedo Product
EXCHG Exchange n/a Psuedo Product
FEM Enterprise Performance Foundation R11i, R12 Renamed from Strategic Enterprise Management
FF FastFormula R11i, R12
FII Financial Intelligence R11i, R12
FIN Financials n/a Psuedo Product
FLM Flow Manufacturing R11i, R12
FND Application Object Library, FND=FouNDation R11i, R12
FPA Project Portfolio Analysis R11i, R12 Renamed from Portfolio Analyzer
FPT Banking Center R11i, R12 Obsolete R12
FRM Report Manager R11i, R12
FTE Transportation Execution R11i, R12
FTP Transfer Pricing R11i, R12
FUN Financials Common Modules R12
FV Federal Financials R11i, R12
FWK Applications Framework n/a Psuedo Product
GCS Financial Consolidation Hub R11i, R12 Renamed from Global Consolidation System
GIS Global Intercompany System R11i
GHR US Federal Human Resources R11i, R12
GMA Process Manufacturing Systems R11i, R12
GMD Process Manufacturing Product Development R11i, R12
GME Process Manufacturing Process Execution R11i, R12
GMF Process Manufacturing Financials R11i, R12
GMI Process Manufacturing Inventory R11i, R12
GML Process Manufacturing Logistics R11i, R12
GMO Manufacturing Execution System for Process Manufacturing R12
GMP Process Manufacturing Process Planning R11i, R12
GMS Grants Accounting R11i, R12
GMW Process Manufacturing Portal R11i, R12
GNI Genealogy Intelligence R11i, R12
GR Process Manufacturing Regulatory Management R11i, R12
HC Healthcare n/a Psuedo Product
HCA Healthcare R11i, R12
HCC iHCConnect R11i, R12
HCN iHCIntegrate R11i, R12
HCP Healthcare Intelligence R11i, R12 Renamed from Healthcare Portal
HCT Healthcare Terminology Server R11i, R12
HR Human Resources n/a Psuedo Product
HRI Human Resources Intelligence R11i, R12
HXC Time and Labor Engine R11i, R12
HXT Time and Labor R11i, R12
HZ Trading Community n/a Psuedo Product
IA iAssets R11i, R12
IAM Digital Asset Management R11i, R12
IBA iMarketing R11i, R12 Obsolete R12
IBC Content Manager R11i, R12
IBE iStore R11i, R12
IBP Bill Presentment & Payment R11i, R12
IBT iAuction R11i, R12
IBU iSupport R11i, R12
IBW Oracle Web Analytics R12
IBY Payments R11i, R12 Renamed from iPayments
ICX Oracle iProcurement R11i, R12 Renamed from Self_Service Web Applications
IEB Interaction Blending R11i, R12
IEC Advanced Outbound Telephony R11i, R12
IEM Email Center R11i, R12
IEO Interaction Center Technology R11i, R12
IEP Predictive R11i, R12
IES Scripting R11i, R12
IET Call Center Connectors R11i, R12
IEU Universal Work Queue R11i, R12
IEV IVR Integrator R11i, R12
IEX Collections R11i, R12
IGC Contract Commitment R11i, R12
IGF Financial Aid R11i, R12
IGI Public Sector Financials International R11i, R12
IGP Personal Portfolio n/a Psuedo Product
IGR Student Recruiting n/a Psuedo Product
IGS Student System R11i, R12 Renamed from Student Systems
IGW Grants Proposal R11i, R12
IMC Customers Online R11i, R12
IMT iMeeting R11i, R12 Obsolete R12
INV Inventory R11i, R12
INL Oracle Landed Cost Management R12.1
IPA Capital Resource Logistics - Projects R11i, R12
IPATCH iPatch n/a Psuedo Product
IPD Product Development R11i, R12 Obsolete R12
IPM Oracle Imaging Process Management R12
IRC iRecruitment R12
ISC Supply Chain Intelligence R11i, R12
ISX iSettlement R11i, R12
ITA Information Technology Audit R12
ITG Internet Procurement Enterprise Connector R11i, R12
ITM Item Master n/a Psuedo Product
IZU Diagnostics n/a Psuedo Product
JA Asia/Pacific Localizations R11i, R12
JAI Financials for India n/a Psuedo Product
JE European Localizations R11i, R12
JG Regional Localizations R11i, R12
JL Latin America Localizations R11i, R12
JMF Supply Chain Localizations R12
JTA CRM Applications Foundation n/a Psuedo Product
JTF CRM Foundation R11i, R12
JTH Interaction History n/a Psuedo Product
JTM Mobile Application Foundation R11i, R12
JTO One-to-one Fulfillment n/a Psuedo Product
JTS CRM Self Service Administration R11i, R12
JTT CRM Technology Foundation n/a Psuedo Product
JTU CRM Utilities n/a Psuedo Product
JTY Territories n/a Psuedo Product
LNS Loans R11i, R12
MAS Marketing and Sales n/a Psuedo Product
ME Controlled Availability Product R11i, R12 Obsolete R12
MFG Manufacturing R11i, R12
MIA Mobile Applications for Inventory Management R11i, R12
MIV Media Interactive R11i, R12
MKT Marketing n/a Psuedo Product
MQA Mobile Quality Applications R11i, R12
MRP Master Scheduling/MRP R11i, R12
MSC Advanced Supply Chain Planning R11i, R12
MSD Demand Planning R11i, R12
MSE Manufacturing Development Operations n/a Psuedo Product
MSO Constraint Based Optimization R11i, R12
MSR Inventory Optimization R11i, R12
MST Transportation Planning R11i, R12
MSX Supply Chain Exchange n/a Psuedo Product
MTH Manufacturing Development Operations n/a Psuedo Product
MWA Mobile Applications R11i, R12
OAM Oracle Applications Manager R11i, R12
OCM Credit Management n/a Psuedo Product
ODQ Data Query R11i, R12
OE Order Entry R11i, R12
OFA Assets R11i, R12 AKA FA
OIE iExpenses n/a Psuedo Product
OIR iReceivables n/a Psuedo Product
OIT Internet Time n/a Psuedo Product
OK Contracts Suite n/a Psuedo Product
OKB Contracts for Subscriptions R11i, R12 Obsolete R12
OKC Contracts Core R11i, R12
OKE Project Contracts R11i, R12
OKI Contracts Intelligence R11i, R12
OKL Lease Management R11i, R12
OKO Contracts for Sales R11i, R12 Obsolete R12
OKP Contracts for Procurement R11i, R12 Obsolete R12
OKR Contracts for Rights R11i, R12 Obsolete R12
OKS Service Contracts R11i, R12
OKT Royalty Management R11i, R12
OKX Contracts Integration R11i, R12
OM Order Management n/a Psuedo Product
ONT Order Management R11i, R12
OPI Operations Intelligence R11i, R12
OPM Process Manufacturing n/a Psuedo Product
OTA Learning Management R11i, R12
OUC University Curriculum R12
OWF Workflow n/a Psuedo Product
OZF Trade Management R11i, R12
OZP Trade Planning R11i, R12 Obsolete R12
OZS iClaims R11i, R12 Obsolete R12
PA Projects R11i, R12
PAY Payroll R11i, R12
PBR Budgeting and Planning R11i, R12
PER Human Resources R11i, R12
PFT Oracle Profitability Manager R11i, R12 Renamed from Performance Analyzer
PJ Projects n/a Psuedo Product
PJB Project Billing R11i, R12 Psuedo Product
PJC Project Costing R11i, R12 Psuedo Product
PJF Project Foundation R11i, R12 Psuedo Product
PJI Project Intelligence R11i, R12
PJL Project Collaboration R11i, R12 Psuedo Product
PJM Project Manufacturing R11i, R12
PJR Project Resource Management R11i, R12 Psuedo Product
PJT Project Management R11i, R12 Psuedo Product
PLM Product Lifecycle Management n/a Psuedo Product
PMI Process Manufacturing Intelligence R11i, R12
PN Property Manager R11i, R12
PO Purchasing R11i, R12
POA Purchasing Intelligence R11i, R12
POM Exchange R11i, R12
PON Sourcing R11i, R12
POS iSupplier Portal R11i, R12
POV Exchange Marketplace - Core n/a Psuedo Product
PQH Public Sector HR R11i, R12
PQP Public Sector Payroll R11i, R12
PRC Process Connect n/a Psuedo Product
PRGC Progress Custom R11i, R12
PRP Proposals R11i, R12
PSA Public Sector Financials R11i, R12
PSB Public Sector Budgeting R11i, R12
PSP Labor Distribution R11i, R12
PSR Public Sector Receivables R12
PTX Patch Tracking System R11i, R12
PV Partner Management R11i, R12
QA Quality R11i, R12
QOT Quoting R11i, R12
QP Advanced Pricing R11i, R12
QPR Oracle Deal Management R12.1
QRM Risk Management R11i, R12
RCI Regulatory Compliance Intelligence n/a Psuedo Product
RCM Regulatory Capital Manager R11i, R12 Obsolete R12
RG Application Report Generator R11i, R12
RHX Advanced Planning Foundation R11i, R12 Obsolete R12
RLA Release Management Integration Kit R11i, R12 Obsolete R12
RLM Release Management R11i, R12
RMG Risk Manager R11i, R12
RRC Retail Core R12
RRS Site Management R12
SCM Supply Chain Management n/a Psuedo Product
SCP Advanced Planning n/a Psuedo Product
SEM Financials Services Applications n/a Psuedo Product
SHT Applications Shared Technology R11i, R12
SLS Sales Suite n/a Psuedo Product
SQLAP Payables R11i, R12 AKA AP
SQLGL General Ledger R11i, R12 AKA GL
SRV Service Suite n/a Psuedo Product
SSP HRMS (UK) R11i, R12
SYSADMIN System Administration R11i, R12
TXK Teckstack n/a Psuedo Product
UMX User Management n/a Psuedo Product
UNV Student System n/a Psuedo Product
VEA Automotive R11i, R12
VEH Automotive Integration Kit R11i, R12 Obsolete R12
WIP Work in Process R11i, R12
WMA Manufacturing Mobile Applications R11i, R12
WMS Warehouse Management R11i, R12
WPS Manufacturing Scheduling R11i, R12
WSH Shipping Execution R11i, R12
WSM Shop Floor Management R11i, R12
XBOL Business Online R11i, R12
XDO XML Publisher / BI Publisher, XDO=eXtended Document Object R11i, R12
XDP Provisioning R11i, R12
XLA Subledger Accounting R12
XLE Legal Entity Configurator R12
XNA Service Assurance for Communications R11i, R12
XNB Oracle Telecommunications Billing Integrator R11i, R12 Renamed from eBusiness Billing
XNC Sales for Communications R11i, R12 Obsolete R12
XNI Install Base Intelligence R11i, R12 Obsolete R12
XNM Marketing for Communications R11i, R12 Obsolete R12
XNP Number Portability R11i, R12
XNS Service for Communications R11i, R12 Obsolete R12
XNT TeleBusiness for Telecom/Utilities R11i, R12
XTR Treasury R11i, R12
XXV8 Virtuate R11i, R12
ZFA Financial Analyzer R11i, R12
ZPB Enterprise Planning and Budgeting R11i, R12
ZSA Sales Analyzer R11i, R12
ZX E-Business Tax R12

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

BI Publisher IF statement Logical OR syntax in RTF Template

A question came through today: what is the syntax for a logical OR in a BI/XML Publisher IF statement?

The standard BI Publisher "IF" statement doesn't seem to cut it.

Lets say I want a test:

if (a=1 or a=2) and b=3 then output_my_stuff end if

I don't want to have to repeat output/logic like:
if a=1 then
 if b=3 then
 end if
end if
if a=2 then
 if b=3 then
  output_my_stuff (again)
 end if
end if
A solution is to use form fields with an xsl if statement structure. So we have:
<xsl:if test="(A='1' or A='2') and B='3'">
If it works use it!

Monday, December 10, 2007

Development Standards - who are ya?

What is your Oracle eBusiness Suite development standards level?

  1. Ignorance: Guidelines? Standards? Couldn't find those words in the dictionary...
  2. Awareness: Hmm, where'd I put that manual?
  3. Choice: Okay, let's attempt to go with these rules/naming standards/architectural guidelines/rules, what were they again?
  4. Documentation: Team, here's our interpretation of the rules so follow them if ya want to.
  5. Enforcement: Sweet, developers are aware of and following the chosen rules

Obviously its a whole lot better and easier in the long run with option 5, despite the groundwork. Unfortunately ain't too many businesses that make it that far.

When customizing the Oracle eBusiness Suite there are a number of guidelines/standards/rules to consider. Some pointers:

  • Oracle Applications Developer's Guide R11i R12
  • Oracle Applications User Interface Standards for Forms-Based Products R11i R12
  • Oracle Application Framework Personalization Guide R11i R12

Now we all know that we live in a world where rules made are destined to be broken!

When it comes to technology, if the rules are broken, then its a great idea to acknowledge the indiscretion and document it. That way eventually your chosen search tool will provide a reference to it at a quick double ctrl click (or similar). Hey might even end up on a forum.

For some of us, many of the "rules" are pre-programmed into our work methodology, but with changes technology, environment, weather, both seasoned developers and newbies alike should occasionally stop to look at the rule book!