Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Revisited: Changing the default layout format between RTF/PDF/Excel for BI / XML Publisher 11i Concurrent Requests: Patches 5612820, 7627832 here now!

Some good news for eBusiness Suite 11i "bippers" to kick off the year of the Ox. In a previous post I provided a temporary solution for the issue where the default value of the Output Format for a BI Publisher based concurrent request was hardcoded to PDF. Many people have requirements to default the output type to Excel (xls).

Happily, my custom solution is now obsolete.

I'm pleased to advise that on 9-Jan-2009 Oracle provided Patch 5612820 for Oracle eBusiness Suite Release 11i. This patch has a co-requisite, Patch 7627832 released 11-Dec-2008 that took me a while to track down! Now both major current install levels of R11i and R12 are catered for:

  • R11i Patch 7627832 1OFF:7017250:ATG RUP6: : BI PUBLISHER LAYOUT DEFAULTS TO 'RTF'

For R11i prerequisites, you'll need to be on ATG RUP 6 Patch 5903765 see Note:444524.1, which I previously wrote about here. Both patch 7627832 and ATG RUP 6 have a number of other prerequisites and postrequisites so you may have some patching to do to get your 11i environment up to the required patch level.

For R12, Patch 5612820 is included in Release Update Pack 12.0.6, otherwise you'll need R12.AD.A.delta.4 and R12.ATG_PF.A.delta.4 before it can be applied.

Here are some screenshots of the new Default Output Type field on the Templates page.

Release 11i:

Release 12:

And the new Profile Option FND: Default Template Output Type, which takes effect if there is no default output type on the XMLP Template setup.

Release 11i:

And verification that the default output format is indeed working...

Release 11i:

Release 12:

Nice, get patching!

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