Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Digital Immigrant or Digital Native?

Given my work and experience in technology, I often find that many people around me very much lack confidence when it comes to technology. I recently attended an event presented by the Unlimited Potential organization where Paul Reynolds introduced the question of people being Digital Immigrants or Digital Natives. This was an interesting concept for me to consider, especially given my 2 year old sons interest in any of my "toys" ... any time I bring out the laptop, cellphone, camera, video camera, PS2 it ain't gonna be me that ends up playing with it! Now, present a bunch of new digital gadgets for a group of adults, and I may be wrong but I'm sure you'd find a definite feeling of unease and much less compulsion to grab the stuff and have a play! This translates somewhat to what I see in business; people are very hands off, and will often asks questions and seek confirmation before trying something out. The thing I find about technology in relation to all this is that someone has to jump in and give it a go, someone has to become the expert. At the end of the day digital just means 0's and 1's and either something will work or it won't ... so give it a try! We can help our children be the digital natives by ensuring that they are immersed and confident with digital "stuff" by becoming more experienced Digital Immigrants ourselves. PS. Guys ... especially those with kids, this is an excuse to buy those toys! Just make sure you buy two ;-)

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