Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Must have: ATG RUP 6 Patch 5972626 Security Update

Following on from the excellent ATG RUP 5 (5473858) which was a must have in terms of pure number of new technical components, ATG RUP 6 (5903765) is a must have with respect to security.

In my opinion, one of the biggest security holes in the Oracle eBusiness Suite looks to have a fix. Non reversible one way hashed passwords have been missing since day dot. Oracle has been criticized for this gap. Published password decryption methods are publicly available ... but with the release of ATG RUP 6, it seems like a solution is here today!

See the usage of FNDCPASS USERMIGRATE in Note 457166.1 to convert to one way hashed (SHA) passwords. Be aware that desktop smart client software authenticating to the eBusiness Suite may need to be patched, e.g. Discoverer, ADI, Balanced Scorecard, Files Online.

For any of you System Administrator types that have often had Workflow errors occur for a particular reason and then had to sit there and retry each workflow one by one will be glad to know there is now a Retry Errored Workflow Activities program. Nice.

Download ATG RUP 6 now!

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James cavalino said...

the update on ATG RUP 6 is tremendous. Guess, some security holes are plugged now. Thanks.

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