Thursday, January 10, 2008

I'm IT - I've been OraBlog tagged.

Tim Dexter tagged me in the current round of OraBlog tag, so as per the rules here are the 8 things you might not know about me:

  1. Pianist? nope, Computer Science. My career could have been as a musician. When it came to University I auditioned and got accepted into a piano performance spot, so my choice was Computer Science or Musician. Either way I'd be tapping a keyboard so my $$ motivated decision meant Comp Sci was it. Plus my brother is better on the music front ;-)
  2. Mmmm, Pork Chops Chocolate. If you leave chocolate near me you won't see it again.
  3. First Day Blues. As a graduate intake at Oracle New Zealand back in 1995, on my first day no one expected me there, so my first week was spent with a SQL*Plus and DBA training manual.
  4. Pickled. I once worked in a pickle factory in Japan.
  5. The Beach. I grew up near, or should that be on, the beach - nothing better than salt water and fresh warm air. It's a shame I'm not a windsurfer in Windy Wellington though.
  6. Patchsets. I'm behind the R11i and R12 patchsets blogs that some Oracle Apps folks might find useful.
  7. Games. Another influence when I was young was Rally-X. So much so a couple of years back I put together an arcade style MAME machine that included hacking a keyboard and wiring up a custom joystick port.
  8. Adrenalin Rocks. Every once in a while I gotta have a bit of a thrill and there ain't much better than in New Zealand. If you're in the "posh part of down under" as Tim says, I'll be more than happy to help you out with the 134m Nevis Bungy, 7m waterfall Kaituna Rafting, Kayaking Aniwhenua Falls or Mountain Biking the Queen Charlotte Walkway.

Now to the tagging, bound to tag someone already tagged, but hey, will try anyway!

  1. Anil Passi
  2. Atul Kumar
  3. Bas Klaassen
  4. Fadi Hasweh
  5. Jornica
  6. Lucas Jellema
  7. Patrick Wolf
  8. Sam

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Tani said...

While learning about oracle ,just landed on your blog, experience you have shared is not usual . Nice to read about your experience here.

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