Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Recommended Patch Lists updated on Metalink - check before implementing/upgrading

Just took a look at the Recommended Patch Lists on Metalink, first time for a while, and if my memory serves me correct there are now more products listed.

Good to see BPEL represented as well as the core Oracle eBusiness Suite, Database and Application Server product suites. Whenever implementing, upgrading or just applying a new patchset, take a look at the recommended patch lists.

Now if only Oracle would get with the times and RSS feed the functionality there. For the EBS customers something official like the Patchsets Release 11i and Release 12 Feeds would be great!



David Haimes said...

Good idea, we should have RSS feeds for the recommended patch lists. Very public spirited of you to provide them.

Gareth said...

Hi David,

Thanks for the comment. Just a note that the patchsets feeds linked to provide all patchsets rather than just recommended ones ... not that I've checked to see there are differences ;-)