Saturday, July 12, 2008

Revisited: Why is mod_plsql not supported with the Oracle eBusiness Suite Release 12? Fusion Crossroads #1

In a prior post I raised the question of why mod_plsql was not supported with the eBusiness Suite R12. Excellent to see that Oracle was listening to the community and as Steven Chan's post highlights, Metalink Note:726711.1 has been created to address this question.

In summary you can still run mod_plsql connecting to the eBusiness Suite as long as the Apache/mod_plsql are in an isolated install and you address security and associated considerations. And of course as a customization it is not supported under the guise of the eBusiness Suite ... but hey your customizations never are!

Guess that means the same for the other sweet tools you'd connect/integrate to your eBusiness Suite ... like Application Express (APEX), PHP/Zend, Ruby on Rails, etc.


Democracy Lover said...

I have a feeling Oracle will pull back on this eventually. Too many customers have extensive customizations using mod_pl/sql and the cost of moving those to OA Framework will be prohibitive, especially since that technology will probably be short-lived anyway.

Besides the cost factor, customers will have to explain to their users why a crisp responding, well-functioning module is being replaced by a sluggish and temperamental one.

Gareth said...

Hi Democracy Lover,

With Fusion rolling closer your comment on OAF being shortlived is very relevant. Out of choices like OAF, ADF, mod_plsql, APEX, PHP and Ruby on Rails; OAF development is one of the more complex and time consuming - is this where you imply the cost of OAF is prohibitive?

Plenty of debate on OAF vs ADF recently but if I was building something enterprise level that had to work with the eBusiness Suite today I'd be using OAF... maybe this will change soon

In my experience, those with the $$ to implement large scale modifications, be they integration or customization, would generally have the funds to move to OAF or ADF. Those that don't - well now they have a documented official way to keep using mod_plsql!

PS. More and more I find the actual development time is a fraction of the total overall effort for a given solution - if your developers are up to speed! So the percentage of cost associated with the choice of technology has a lessor impact on the overall budget.


David Peake said...

Gareth & Democracy Lover,

From reading your posts and comments it appears that you are both integrating Oracle Application Express into your eBusiness Suite. If that is the case please take a few minutes to fill out my one page survey.

Read my blog Do you use Application Express with eBusiness Suite/ as I am collecting details to help both development teams get a better understanding of how and why APEX is used with EBS.

Gareth I found your Blog as I am planning to be in NZ October 20, 21 and sent off an email to see if I can be a late addition to the NZOUG in Rotorua.

David Peake
Product Manager
Oracle Application Express

Ike Wiggins said...

Mod_plsql has to go, it's terrible, same with apex. OAF is not that hard to learn

However, ADF 11g will replace OAF permantly in the EBS...ADF 11g is amazing....

Ike Wiggins

Sridevi Koduru said...

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