Monday, November 02, 2009

BI / XML Publisher 5.4pt start-indent problems in XSL-FO blocks on EBS Check Format recursive template

So you've just finished the first cut of your funky BI Publisher Check (Cheque) format template, and you feel pretty accomplished:

  • Logos, tables, non-preprinted stationary: Yes
  • Magnetic ink on printer loaded and ready to go: Yes
  • MICR font: Yes
  • Conditional signatures: Yes
  • Void check handling: Yes
  • Fixed Row Enumeration filler in tables via recursive templates: Yes

And then it all goes pear shaped … Doh!
Your filler recursive template does a dance to the right, indenting 5.4pt at a time.

With the cause in the XSL-FO template something like this: start-ident="5.4pt"

Well, you aren't the first person, or second to hit this, thanks theFurryOne for prompting this post. There is a workaround ... or two. You could edit the XSL-FO and replace the 5.4pt text with 0.0pt, but then you'd need to work with XSL-FO templates rather than RTF.

Alternatively you could put the following magic in the first cell of the filler recursive template:


And a bit of a re-jig on the recurvsive sub template alignment. For example:

And we're rockin and rolling - no XSL-FO template needed, "pure" RTF:

Catch ya!
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