Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Acronym Alert: XMLP is now BIP - XML Publisher now Business Intelligence Publisher

Oh No! Once again Oracle has decided to give another name to the same product. How confusing.

XML Publisher (XMLP) has now been re-introduced as BI Publisher (BIP).

I guess this will take a while to sink in coz of there is plenty of doco and references to XML Publisher.

Anyone know why they did that? Has someone trademarked "XML Publisher" or something?


Tim Dexter said...

Hi Gareth
New name ... BIP is more sexy and accessible apparently. It has some virtues, 'XML' is a scary technical term for many folks ... 'BI' evokes friendlier images I guess. Personally, if the name had to change then just 'Publisher' would have done for me. Regards, Tim

Anonymous said...

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