Monday, February 26, 2007

Time to change? XMLP, Release 12 and Oracle Reports

I recently blogged about XML Publisher (XMLP) and it's comparison with Oracle Reports. With Oracle eBusiness Suite Release 12 now up and running, I have seen the following:

  • ~875 templates across 63 eBusiness products
  • A Oracle internal migration project is in progress to convert Oracle Reports based concurrent programs to XMLP
  • Slated for release later this year, this will mean 2000 templates available
  • In Release 12 - XMLP 5.6.3 there is a set of libraries to help move your custom Oracle Reports to data and layout templates
  • Hint of a Template Bank on Metalink to download delivered templates
So where does that leave you? As I mentioned in my prior post, new reports should be developed using XMLP - however consider the limitations of your installed XMLP version, or consider upgrading to 5.6.3, either of which may mean sticking with Oracle Reports now. Given the conversion libraries changing to XMLP in the future should be trivial. In the meantime, get on the template swapping bus and email some of you funky examples!

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