Thursday, August 14, 2008

Discoverer Plus window not appearing or Jinitiator JVM conflicts on the Oracle eBusiness Suite: Java JRE EnableSecureStaticVersioning

If you find that Discoverer Plus won't start (or the Discoverer Plus windows doesn't appear) after downloading the Java Applet, or if you're having issues with JInitiator with Oracle Applications, then it could be that you have multiple versions of Java required. For your Oracle Discoverer Plus, Oracle JInitiator Java Plugin (JVM), or other Java based software multiple versions of Java can cause conflicts, so try the following steps. Actually I'd recommend any rollout of the Disco Plus or EBS client include the below steps!

1. Allow multiple concurrent versions of Java to run by enabling Secure Static Versioning.

Update or Create the following Windows registry entry on your desktop client as follows;

1.1 If the 'Java Deployment' and 'Policy' folders do not exist under your HKEY LOCAL MACHINE -> SOFTWARE -> JavaSoft entry in your registry you will first need to create these folders as follows;
1.2 Right mouse click on the JavaSoft folder in your registry and from the menu select 'New -> Key'. Name the new folder 'Java Deployment'. Open this folder and create another folder named 'Policy' underneath it, then follow the rest of the steps below.
1.3 Go to 'HKEY LOCAL MACHINE -> SOFTWARE -> JavaSoft -> Java Deployment -> Policy' in your Windows registry
1.4 Right mouse click on the Policy folder and from the menu select 'New -> DWORD Value'
1.5 Right click on the newly created value and rename it to - 'EnableSecureStaticVersioning'
1.6 The Data value should remain at the default of '0x00000000 (0)'

2. Switch off automatic updates of Java.

It is advisable to turn off the automatic upgrade facility for the desktop client JRE. This will ensure that newer versions of the JRE plug-in are not installed, and used with Oracle E-Business Suite / Oracle Discoverer unknowingly. This feature can be turned off as follows;

2.1 From the 'Start Menu', select 'ControlPanel'
2.2 Double click the 'Java' icon
2.3 Select the 'Update' tab
2.4 Uncheck the 'Check for Updates Automatically' box
2.5 Click the 'Never Check' button on the 'Java Update -Warning' pop up window
2.6 Click 'OK' to close the 'Java Control Panel'

If you are getting crashes that refer to jvm.dll see my other popular post on JVM crashes.


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