Thursday, November 20, 2008

R12 Patch 5612820 Available: Changing the default layout format between RTF/PDF/Excel when submitting XML / BI Publisher Concurrent Request

In a previous post I provided a temporary solution for the issue where the default value for the Output Format of a BI Publisher based concurrent request was hardcoded to PDF.

For those those customers lucky enough to be on Release 12 I'm glad to say Oracle has provided a patch for this enhancement, the base issue documented in Metalink Note 401328.1 or Bug 5612820 or Bug 5036916:


This patch is included in R12 Release Update Pack 12.0.6, but as a note at the time of writing 5612820 is available on controlled release ... not sure of the reason since its in 12.0.6. The code base required for applying 5612820 is:


For those people on Release 11i, unfortunately you'll have to wait a little longer ... still awaiting the 11i version of the patch.

Here's a screenshot of the new Default Output Format field on the Templates page.

And verification that the default output format is indeed working...



Quentin said...

Yes! This is really a nice solution for R12 implementers. Too bad with the R11...i am still implementing a lot on R11.

பெரியசாமி said...

We was using your previous solution in 12.0.4.

Nice to hear this.

Gleydson said...

Hi Gareth! Awesome blog you have here!!! Congratulations!

I have one for you and I hope you could shed some light on it:

I created a new profile (Application Developer > Profile) and entered some values for it on ORG level.

I'm in some iExpense responsibility, using those customizable packages offered (AP_WEB_CUST_DFLEX_PKG).

Bottom line is: Fnd_Profile.Value ('ORG_ID') returns '1' and Fnd_Profile.Value ('XXCUST_MY_PROF') returns NOTHING...

Other detail: using a query on FND_PROFILE_OPTION_VALUES table, I cannot access that value either! :-O

Would you know if iExpense responsibilities carry any extra security features?

Sorry about the big comment and for misusing this space here man.


Gareth said...

Hi Gleydson,
I don't understand "entered some values for it on ORG level". You should be entering values at Site, Reponsibility or User level via the Profiles, System form in System Administrator.

Drop me an email if you want. ggr888 [AT] gmail [D0T] com.


Sridevi Koduru said...

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