Monday, November 03, 2008

Firefox with eBusiness Suite: Oracle JInitiator Plugin does not start - always get "must install plugin", Vista, Patch 5397653

This problem has bothered me for a while in a couple of scenarios, so time for another post ... after quite an absence I must admit. I'm well over my post Conference 1 & 2 catchup now. On with the enthusiasm!

Update: Firefox 3.x is now certified with EBS. See Steven's post for details.

So you're working with your favourite Firefox 2.x, because Firefox 3 hasn't quite been certified yet. You try to fire up Oracle Applications Forms via JInitiator 1.3.x (or even 1.1.8.x) and get the dreaded "you must install the Oracle JInitiator Plugin" box.

Well, chances are one of the following quick fixes will solve your problem:

1. If you have multiple JVM's installed or multiple versions of JInitiator

In this case you'll need to apply Patch 5397653: Firefox does not work with multiple java plugin versions. Its just a quick patch, no prereqs, go for it!

2. If you are using Microsoft Windows Vista

In this case I'll feel very sorry for as well as suggesting you copy jvm.dll from a Sun JRE 6.0 Update 1 (or higher) installation. This is as per Bug 6074498.

3. If you still have problems after the above.

Make sure you have switched off the Enable Java option in Firefox, per Note 285218.1.

  • Tools -> Options -> Content
  • Uncheck the 'Enable Java' option so that the Sun JRE plug-in is not enabled (this ensures that the Jinitiator plug-in is used instead).

If you have any other scenarios or issues with Firefox and JInitiator / Sun JRE Plugin, please post a comment here!


  • Patch 5397653: Firefox does not work with multiple java plugin versions
  • Note 285218.1: Recommended Browsers for Oracle E-Business Suite 11i
  • Bug 6074498: Unable To Connect To E-Business Suite On Vista

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Suncat2000 said...
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Suncat2000 said...

Because Oracle doesn't plan to make any more updates to JInitiator, and since it doesn't play well with Vista or Firefox 3.0, I have transitioned successfully to Sun's Java Plug-in. Now Forms works happily, as do my other web applications. Oracle has a useful (but imperfect) document, Oracle 10gR2 Forms Services - Using Sun's Java Plug-in in PDF format. Or do a web search on the title.

Orabird Chang said...

I got the same issue but its on Windows 7. I have worked on this for weeks but couldnot get it work. It asks me to install jinitiator again and again. This is for 11i EBS. I use IE 9 for R12 which is fine but doesnot work with 11i. My colleagus suggested to use firefox. Would you please help me?
Thank you in advance.

Gareth said...

It may be that a patch is needed - please check with Oracle certification matrix or log a Support Request with Oracle Support.


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