Friday, September 11, 2009

Discoverer with EBS R12 - Sheet contains no data for custom Oracle eBusiness Suite Responsibility

So you're working with Discoverer 10g integrated with the Oracle eBusiness Suite on Release 12. You've installed and set everything up per Metalink/MOS Note 373634.1 "Using Discoverer 10.1.2 with Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12" plus created a custom application and responsibility to have it's own menu items corresponding to your Discoverer Workbooks/Worksheets.

You login to your new responsibility and click on your new menu entry that you created per Metalink/MOS Note "How to Create a Link to a Discoverer Workbook in Apps R12" and what do you get when you query subledger data such as Payables Invoices, or secured General Ledger data?

This sheet currently contains no data.

Well, its a quick fix. Simply save the following value in the "Initialization SQL Statement - Custom" profile option at Responsibility level for your new Responsibility.

begin gl_security_pkg.init; mo_global.init('M'); end;

Note: this may depend on your setup of the following profile options:

  • GL Ledger Name
  • GL: Data Access Set
  • MO: Operating Unit
  • MO: Security Profile

All sorted!


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Gleydson said...

Hey sir!

Passing by to say "hi" and to let you know that I just used one of your tips: IE7 + 11.5.10.x

It's a 2007 one, but still very useful.

Thanks man!

Ahmed said...

I have a similar issue. When I run a pre-built Workbook in Discoverer viewer I get the results, but when I run the same workbook via Discover Plus, it says "this sheet currently contains no data". I can do fnd_global.apps_initialize using TOAD. But I do not know how to set it up for Discoverer Plus. Please help .

Gareth said...

Hi Ahmed, This solution is only for if you are using Discoverer in combination with integrated Oracle Ebusiness Suite. In which case the solution as described (set Profile Option) would solve it. But if you are using Discoverer not integrated with EBS, but against EBS tables, then create a logon trigger for the user you are using to login as to the database/Discoverer.

Sridevi Koduru said...

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