Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Oracle EBS Release 12.1 Released: Top 8 New ATG Features

Oracle has announced the availability of Release 12.1, plenty of buzz around on this and Beehive updates.

Update: Oracle Application Management / Change Management Pack 3.0 also released! See Patch 8333939

Let's take a look at the Top Eight R12.1 new ATG (Applications Technology) features from my perspective.

  1. Out of the box Techstack Upgrades. New R12.1.1 installations are Database, Java 6, Application Server (Java/OAF)/JDeveloper Runtime, Application Server (Forms/Reports)
  2. OAF: Record History. R12.1.1 OAF allows viewing Row/Blame or Row/Who information similar to that available in Forms interface (who remembers Release 9 character mode key sequences ;-)
  3. OAF: BI Publisher Integration. R12.1.1 provides a personalizable "Print" button for OAF pages. Very Nice.
  4. OAF: Flexfield References support. R12.1.1 gives the same functionality as Forms UI for referencing other fields as part of flexfields.
  5. Attachments APIs. Bulk upload and web services/API for Document Attachments. Sounds great!
  6. Integration / SOA. A bunch of new functionality including Web Services Invocation Framework (WSIF), a step towards easier integration.
  7. Diagnostics upgrades. A variety of changes/functionality to Oracle Diagnostics including BI Publisher enablement for new diagnostics. Oracle Diagnostics is an excellent source of EBS information for techie types!
  8. Autoconfig: Share Applications Tier between environments. R12.1 introduces the ability to share applications executables between instances, like Production and Test. Probably not what you'd want for your typical PROD/DEV/TEST setup, but for a "Production" / "Production Support" mirror setup this is very tempting.

Plenty of other candidates, but those are the ones that took my fancy from the ATG bag of tricks!

So how am I doing against my Chinese New Year predictions?

  1. Release 12.1: AVAILABLE
  2. Patch 5612820 for EBS Release 11i: AVAILABLE
  3. Native Excel Templates for XML / BI Publisher: Still waiting for them!
  4. Further emergence of OBIA with EBS: Release 12.1.1 has specific mention of further integration with Business Intelligence Applications (OBIA), needs a closer look.
  5. Change Management Pack for the eBusiness Suite: AVAILABLE: Patch 8333939.
  6. New Oracle Application Express (APEX) components to allow APEX/EBS Integration/support: Still waiting, but I'm currently looking at alternatives for APEX/Apps integration for R12.x.
  7. Oracle Fusion Applications: As expected delayed until at least 2010.

Disclaimer: The words, ideas and opinions here are my own. Please don't assume they represent the opinion of any other person or organization. This information is based on various sources, so it may not match the actual functionality delivered!

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Larry Baugh said...

Oracle has announced the new Oracle Application Change Management Pack (a new OEM component) here at Collaborate. Here's one blog that talks about it a bit in detail: http://www.appsinsight.net/2009/05/05/application-change-management-pack-for-oracle-e-business-suite-and-new-application-management-pack/

So if this is what you're referring to, looks like another of your predictions rings true!

Gareth said...

Hi Larry,

Yes indeed ... good spotting!

Another one down!


Tim said...

Isn't it possible to do 'Record History' from the OAF Pages pre-R12.1? I haven't seen it, but I refuse to believe they left this functionality out!

Gareth said...

Hi Tim,

As far as I'm aware they left it out, sometimes there are surprises...


பெரியசாமி said...

Hi Gareth,

If you find any information related to "OAF: BI Publisher Integration" print button please share the same.

RCD EBS_1211_RCD_ATG, section Integration with BI Publisher, also talks about it. But no clarity.


Gareth said...

Hi Periyasamy,

Yes - definitely on my todo list!


Tom said...

Gareth in one of your comments you said you are working on alternate solution to integrate APEX and EBS. Do you have any suggestions or can you point me to a solution.


Gareth said...

Hi Tom,

You can find an excellent method of getting the integration of authentication at Popay blog

I've tried their solution on R11i and works well, but haven't tried R12/R12.1 yet.


Tom said...

I looked at popay blog but to be honest I cannot find r12 solution there. I see a note about the need for jsp page but nothing specific. Is this it or I'm missing something.


Gareth said...

Hi Tomas,

Drop them an email.


Sridevi Koduru said...

Sridevi Koduru (Senior Oracle Apps Trainer Oracleappstechnical.com)
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