Wednesday, May 02, 2007

BI Publisher 5.6.3 is out

Oracle BI Publisher (XML Publisher) 5.6.3 is out. Check out Tim Dexter's Blog. Patch is 5472959 - XDO/ORACLE XML PUBLISHER OA ROLLUP PATCH 5.6.3 A selection of the new features:

  • Template Builder Enhancements and Name Change
  • Report Migration Utility
  • Support for Rotated Text in RTF Templates
  • Conditional Formatting Enhancement in RTF Templates
  • Data Template Enhancements

I'm particularly interested in the Template Builder and the following:

XML Publisher provides a utility to facilitate the conversion of Oracle Reports (version 9i and later) to XML Publisher Reports

Especially with respect to the conversion from custom Oracle Applications Reports 6i to Report 9i to BI Publisher templates. I'll be looking closely at the handling of user exits, notably FND SRWINIT for profile option initialization, currency formatting, and key flexfield handling.


Tim Dexter said...

Hey Gareth
On the conversion tool:
SRW.INIT - no need for it now, when the data template is called by the CM the org info is set for you
Currency Formatting - now handled in the layout template
Flexfield - supported in the data template
Cheers, Tim

Ike Wiggins said...

Hi Gareth,

Say you might want to give the Reports6i to BIP Conversion Utilities I wrote a try. It makes the process pretty painless. The post contains a demo video and executable to do the conversion.


Gareth said...

Hi Ike,

Absolutely will do the first conversion I need to do! I use BIPIDE all the time.