Friday, May 04, 2007

Thick Database? Intelligent more like it.

Just stumbled onto some excellent papers regarding architectural considerations in today's jumble of technologies. Interesting to see the reference to APEX - Oracle HTML DB in the Thick Database paper. Great that Paul added the examples of relative efforts/time/lines of code there! Nice work.

Dulcian Papers - Thick Database

One thing I'd be keen to see is APEX vs. Thick Database application examples in terms of effort... okay I hear the "but APEX ain't following the guidelines". Nevertheless if a technology works for you, use it!

Also I threw together a table with additional "minutes per line of code" columns just for fun ;-)

Mins per line of code DatabaseMins per line of code Java
Case 1Conventional developmentn/a1.44
Case 1Thick database development4.800.80
Case 2Conventional development2.403.60
Case 2Thick database development3.603.60
Case 3Conventional development2.094.43
Case 3Thick database development1.233.43

Any opinions appreciated.


Tony said...

Certainly like the idea of getting as much intelligence as possible into the database (unlike Oracle Apps' forms), although I probably wouldn't push it as far as article suggests by preference.

By the way, the article link is busted - use link instead

Gareth said...

Hi Tony,

Thanks, fixed the link.