Friday, May 11, 2007

Demo Oracle eBusiness Suite R12 Online

If you're in need of having a play with Oracle Applications / E-Business Release 12, check out Solution Beacon, as they now have a Release 12 instance (12.0.0 Vision Installation from Media Pack/10.2.0) of the Oracle Vision Demo environment publicly available - although you may need an Oracle Support CSI to access.


jaleel said...

I need a demo version for e-business suite 11i HRMS to install on my laptop.

Could u help me out?

jaleel.polin at gmail dot com

Gil said...

Hi Jaleel, the way I have done this was to install vmware on a laptop and build a virtual machine (Linux) and then install a copy of a single-machine configuration of Oracle e-business. You won't be able to download 11i install media, however, so far as I know it's no longer available. You would have to download the 12i install media from (and be aware it's a pretty large download - takes awhile - many cd's). This is how I run a demo of financials - in linux virtual machines on my laptop. I also run linux as my host OS, but you should be fine creating linux vm's ontop of your windows base os.

hasanmir said...

The website has video based tutorials on how to install Oracle R12 on your Windows including Vista.

eduberry said...

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