Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Freeview TV via wok without the black bars anyone?

Well, it's definitely an active time for TV ... and the internet, for a bit of fun here's my New Zealand twist on some of it.

On May the 2nd we had the Freeview launch, only problem is you should spend about $700 for an accredited setup ... not including your time to arrange getting the set-top box, dish setup. Hey, why would u go bleeding-edge and spend that up front capex $$ when u can ring up and get Sky digital for $99 and Start Up $47.73 per month - with a whole bunch of additional channels and upgrade capabilities available now? I may be biased since I already have Sky.

Still, my DIY tendencies and attractions to "free" stuff are making me very itchy to try Freeview out. Now, where did I put that spare wok.

Then there was a bit of noise, definitely noise, coz that's what we're gonna face over the next number of years, when TV3 started broadcasting in widescreen on 11 April. Always a good source of info: geekzone. Expect more when TVNZ switches on July 31st. Maybe it's about time I switched my aspect ratio from 4:3 to 16:9 ... me no complain about a couple of black bars on the Simpsons as long as Dancing with the Stars is okay ;-)

From an internet perspective but with a slant on TV there was the announcement of an undersea cable between Asia and the US which is great news. What sparked my interest in this was the statement

...capacity of up to 1.92 terabits per second ... the new system can support 130,000 high definition television signals simultaneously...

Hmmm. should be able to get a few more concurrent signals than that, isn't HDTV about 55Mbps? It'd be a bit of a bummer if everyone in Asia started watching US HDTV at the same time ey? Also begs the question: what is high definition and what is high quality? The likes of Joost look fantastic, but the mainstream progress towards low end quality data must be a real bugbare for those at the high end. Compare MP3 vs CD (or higher quality) music. Compare "High Quality" internet TV vs. DVD or HDTV.

Give me Burger Fuel over MacDonalds any day of the week.

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